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    One Minute Art History by Cao Shu

    One Minute Art History is an animated short cinema by artist and lecturer( he’s a teacher at the China Academy of Art) Cao Shu. First released in 2015, the video takes spectators on a dizzying journey through various paints and styles throughout history.

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    It’s A Scary (Digital) World Out There, Get A VPN

    Despite the fact that your virus protection software seems to update every four seconds, hackers and companies have unprecedented access to your personal information. If you don’t belief us, then simply whisper “hemorrhoid cream” into an empty room, and prepare to start understanding ads for inexpensive butt adhesive all over Facebook. VPN Unlimited can avoid word of your hemorrhoid situation from leaking all over the internet, but in cases where that’s not enough motive for you, here are three more reasons VPNs rule.

    Your Browser Traffic Will Stay Private

    You likely use Google to ask embarrassing topics all the time. It’s OK. It’s part of has become a human. But just because we all have moments of unadulterated dumbness doesn’t mean you want someone to see your search for “What happens when I eat too many beets? And not, like, three or four beets, but too many beets . ” A service like VPN Unlimited can protect you from unsecured WiFi connects in airfields, coffee shops, or even your own home, keeping intruders out of your search history and away from your private reports AND vegetable habits.

    Websites Will No Longer Destroy Your Battery Life

    Trackers and malware chase after you online with the tenaciousness of the entity from It Follows . Not merely is this annoying and potentially damaging to your computer, but it’s likewise a constant drain on your battery life. VPN Unlimited is designed to protect you from these malicious stalkers, and greatly improves your battery life in the process. It also offers limitless traffic bandwidth, so you don’t have to worry about going over any kind of data utilization restrictions. Think of all the things you’ll be able to accomplish with more battery life and bandwidth, such as asking Google more weird questions about your digestive problems.

    The Repeal Of Net Neutrality

    Unless you just teleported here from another dimension, you’ve probably heard about the whole net neutrality crisis.( And if so, you might wishes to head back, because opportunities are you have better internet there .) With the state of the open internet in flux, it’s not worth taking risks regarding your personal data. When you invest in a VPN like VPN Unlimited, you get a lifetime of protection against any kind of change. A VPN can normally be expensive, but you can buy a lifetime subscription to VPN Unlimited in the Cracked Store today for $39.99, which is a 92 percent discount from its usual $500 price.( Plus, we’ll let you in on trade secrets: You can get this bargain for simply $18 if you use the coupon code VPNSD2 2 .)

    Your hardware requires as much tender, loving care as your software. So, check out this juggernaut of an iPhone Case with Airo Shock Protection. If you’ve abruptly determined yourself in a cheesy, science fiction alien movie this Waterproof iPhone Case might be more your hasten .

    For more ways to double up on your techno-protection, check out 6 Foolproof Methods To Protecting Your Smart Device .

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    Nurse Does Something So Incredible To Help A Young Mother With Cancer

    Getting cancer is never part of anyone’s program.

    Illnesses like cancer sneak up on people and hurl a wrench into their lives that they never could have expected. Fortunately, people are typically quick to rally around someone who’s been impacted.

    When young mom Ashley Chestnut found out she had a baseball-sized non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma in her breast, she found help from a stranger who knew just what to do.

    Chestnut and her husband have a two-year-old daughter and a five-month-old son. During their daughter’s second birthday party, Chestnut began breastfeeding Easton, her little son. That’s when she experienced a deep and shooting pain through her shoulder.

    Screenshot Youtube/ KMTV 3 News Now

    She was diagnosed with cancer and had to stop breastfeeding Easton, who has a milk and soy allergy that built most formulas inappropriate for him. She still had to pump her breast milk, but she had to throw it away during therapies.

    That’s when a faculty nurse who happened to be working on the same floor where Chestnut was being treated stepped in. Jaclyn Kenney has a daughter who is just one day older than Easton, and she donated eight gallons of breastmilk to the young momma.

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    Couple Pays $300 Each For Dinner And Get Something That Wouldn’t Fill Anyone’s Belly

    While most of us stick to using emojis on our telephone to aid portray our feelings, one eatery in Bangkok is taking patrons on a “journey through modern Indian cuisine in 25 emojis.”

    But with 25 courses, such an impressive presentation of culinary flair must come at a pretty hefty price. Gaggan Restaurant, which has the distinction of being the number seven restaurant in the world, offers customers this delicious travel for merely $300 person or persons.

    And while such an expensive dinner might not be in the cards for most of us, one couple are determined to shell out $600 on their anniversary and indulge in the Indian delicacies prepared by cook Gaggan Anand. Retain reading to hear their thinks on the extravagant tasting menu.

    Imgur/ jamesn8 6

    “My wife and I first went to this restaurant on our honeymoon in 2013. It wasn’t very well known then, the concierge at our inn couldn’t even dedicate us guidances( and he was sporting a clef d’ors badge !)

    Back then, they had 2 set menus and an a la carte option. We moved the first time and had a determine menu for about $70 for two and enjoyed it so much we went back got a couple of nights afterwards for the a la carte.

    For our fourth anniversary, we induced the trip-up back to Bangkok and before we had even booked flights, I had booked us in at this eatery we had raved about ever since our honeymoon.

    When we arrived, the maitre d’ told us that we were invited to the chef’s table and did we accept( of course !)

    The restaurant has changed a bit in the last four years, redevelopments etc. and the chef’s table was in the extension to the main restaurant and upstairs. We went upstairs with the 10 other guests and these were the menus placed before us — oh boy! “

    “I’ve included another photo which is a bit clearer. The pen recognizes are where the new wine was to be ran — we couldn’t NOT have the matching wine — and what a fantastic decision that was too.”

    “Here we have the first course: paan.

    Paan is a traditional Indian street food stimulated with betel leaf, a variety of fruit, spices, seeds, and occasionally tobacco.

    This paan had a small betel leaf prepared in a light tempura batter and some chilli dabbed on top — a far cry from the paan I had first tasted at about 1am on the streets of Delhi! “

    “Ah yes, as Chef Gaggan called it, “the dish that built him famous”.

    In 2013, this dish was on his menu, and he says it will be on his last ever menu too.

    Simple, although likely not. It is yoghurt( believe raita) but spherified. The spherification( and overrule spherification) process is about the combination of a preparation including sodium alginate, and a preparation high in calcium. The sodium alginate and calcium answer react to form a thin skin around your answer and as you set it in your mouth, the yoghurt explosions and you drink it.”

    “Here he is, “the mens” himself, Chef Gaggan Anand.

    All around nice guy, and just super passionate about making good meat applying different techniques.

    We first fulfilled him when we just finished eating at his restaurant the second day and it was raining, so we were waiting out front for a taxi; there was this chef there and he asked us how we enjoyed our dinner( it was amazing !) and then we started to discuss politics as the riots had just started. He wished us a good night as we hop-skip in the taxi and we ascertained him walk across the road and unlock a BMW — ah, might have been Gaggan that we just spoke to!

    Rumour has it that he was a big drive for the Michelin Guide to finally come to Bangkok last year. In a city full of stand out restaurants, he’s been a systematically strong musician and genuinely helped put it on the culinary map, so I can believe those rumours. How many Michelin starrings did he get first time around? Just a casual two”

  • “So the next course was prawn psyches with goo…only kidding!

    You know tom yum soup? This is freeze dried prawn brain with a concoction in an edible film wrapper which savor like the most amazing tom yum soup! “

    “These are eggplant wafers. I cannot even begin to describe how pain the process of constructing these audios, but I’ll give it a go: 1) roast the eggplants until they’re burned on the outside and cooked inside 2) detonation freeze to -4 0* C 3) freeze dry to remove all moisture( about 4 periods) 4) pound into gunpowder, mix with spices and petroleum to make a dough and cut with cookie cutter 5) put onion chutney in the inside like an oreo Congratulate the 8-9 cooks who worked on it for 5-6 periods before serving to your guests to devour in one bite! “

    “Shake your bon bon! Chilli bon bons!

    As with everything in so far , not too spicy, a very delicate a better balance between flavours and textures — a beautifully firm but delicate shell with a creamy, somewhat spicy inside.”

    “This one got me a little. One of my favourite on the menu for sure.

    A heartier serve than other portions prior, a meaty dish that really had some great flavours going on.

    Apparently it was goat. Brains. What? I’ve eat brains before and there’s quite a soft texture to them, I remember it being almost creamy which I didn’t think this bowl had. On reflection though, I guess it wasn’t a really meaty texture, simply a hint of meaty flavor and a smoothness to the bite after transgressing the shell around it.”