Nasty Video Serves As A Parental Reminder To Clean Out Or Replace Bath Toys

Keeping children safe is a never-ending undertaking for mommies and dads.

Even something as innocent as a bath plaything can pose a risk to children in ways mothers may not have even considered, as one daddy recently discovered. While squeezing a hollow, pirate-shaped plaything, he was shocked to see bits of mold squirting out of the hole in its mouth. Now he’s sharing the footage he captured to indicate mothers how easy it is for mold to form in their children’s toys.

“All of this mold came out of this toy AFTER some had already squirted out in the bath, again onto a bath towel, and then what you see here, ” he wrote. Watch the nauseating footage below.

( via Daily Mail)

If you have any similar bath toys, it might be a good mind to hurl them out or at least make sure they’re drying properly after getting wet. Just imagine a child inadvertently swallowing those globs!

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