‘Rush Hour’ Fans — Get Ready For Another Installment Of Your Favorite Action Series

If you’re a huge fan of watching Detective Inspector Jonathan Lee and Detective James Carter kicking ass and fighting crime together, we have some fairly fantastic news to share about your favorite on-screen characters.

More than ten years after the release of “Rush Hour 3, ” Chris Tucker and Jackie Chan are teaming up once again to shoot another of their fan-favorite sidekick cop cinemas. On February 21, Tucker confirmed that he and Chan are currently working on the fourth installment of their action slapstick cinema series, “Rush Hour, ” to the absolute pleasure of their fans.

“It’s definite. It’s happening. This is going to be the one, ” Tucker told ESPN’s podcast, The Plug Show.

“This is gonna be the hurry-up of all rushings. Jackie is ready and we want to do this so that people don’t ever forget it.”

Listen to Chan discuss the new movie in the interview below:

Read more: http :// rush-hour-4 /

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